You all may know that there is a quite flexible hierarchy for activescaffold s templates and partials.
If you would like to override one in general for your application copy and change it in app/views/active_scaffold_overrides/.
If you would like to override one just for one specific controller copy and change it in app/views/controller_name/.

In addition to do a full override you may also call parent s view eg. to wrap parent template/view or to change some locals. I will show you how to do that in this post.

Just a simple render :super call in your overwritten template/partial is all you need to activate this feature.

<%= render :super %>

If you would like to change a local variable you have to do the following and it depends on your activescaffold version:

:super with locals for ActiveScaffold 3.0

<%= render :super, :locals => {:headline => 'My _base_form headline'} %>

:super with locals for ActiveScaffold 3.1 and 3.2

<%= render :partial => :super, :locals => {:headline => 'My _base_form headline'} %>